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In honour of my previous post, I thought I would review a beer of the style.
I love Great Lakes Brewery, but sometimes I hate them too. This is one of the times a loved them. It’s complicated.

Without further ado …

Beer review: Miami Weiss Wheat Ale

Beer Style: American Wheat Ale
Beer Type: Wheat Ale
Serving type: Draught
ABV: 4.50%
Overall Rating: 7.5 / 10 

Tasting notes: A definite twist on a traditional German style with a rather enjoyable American hop presence (mostly citrus for me)

Appearance: Golden coloured with a fluffy white head. Beer has a slight haziness (although from my picture it does not seem so … I wonder … is this filtered?) 
Aroma: Citrus (grapefruit-like) comes at you immediately along with some grassy notes.
Taste: Dry pine and grapefruit. It was subtle at first and nothing like what was promised by the aroma. Towards the end it was more pronounced and rather enjoyable.
Mouthfeel: Medium carbonation. It does not have that full body that most wheat beers provide.
Finish: Refreshing wet carbonation with a slight hop bitterness, more reminiscent of an IPA. Definitely a hybrid!

Overall: The beer name plays on a clever pun which is what drove me to drink it. It was a hot day too so can’t possible go wrong with a weiss. Not sure why the Great Lakes guys would design an IPA-ish German Weiss though, but it was quite enjoyable!

Stay crafty!

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